The Evolution Gaming Group is one of the best game creators working with leading casinos. This company has made it their mission to contribute greatly to the success of casino promoters by providing them with high quality games, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience. With this in mind, the Group has created its own version of Live Roulette: one of the most exciting online live dealer games. Players who have tried it before love everything about the game, and rightly so. For starters, the company offers several variations of the game with a language system that allows the same tables to accommodate both land and online players.

You can choose between lightning roulette, speed roulette, double ball roulette and immersive roulette, among others. Immediately, discover these games in more detail.

top live roulette variants evolution

Lightning Roulette

Just like its name, Lightning Roulette adopts a visually impressive appearance that is sure to catch the eye of gamers. The game is designed with very sleek black and gold art that always makes gamers want to come back for more. Even more surprisingly, it adds a high number of RGN wins to each game turn.

Lightning Roulette gives each player the opportunity to win multiple stakes on a direct bet. Basically it works by selecting 1 and 5 lucky numbers that are struck by lightning, causing them to multiply their winnings between 50x and 500x.

Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette is one of the most unique and innovative variations of the game offered by Evolution Gaming. Basically the game works in the sense that two balls provide two winning numbers from a single spin. Double Ball Roulette offers new and exciting betting opportunities to players with frequent payouts of up to 1,300 to 1. This makes it a unique attraction for players, especially as it doubles the fun and possible payouts for the players.

The Double Ball Roulette variant remains one of the most popular among players. However, it is only available for gaming sites that opt ​​for the gaming marketing side bets in the Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack or Live Baccarat games.

Immersive Roulette

If you are already familiar with Evolution Gaming Roulette, then you have certainly been drawn to the Immersive variant. This is due to its premium video and game appearance that literally immerses gamers in another playful universe. Immersive roulette is an ideal gaming offer for attracting new customers to a gaming site.

The high quality multiple cameras and video quality create a unique atmosphere, allowing users to get closer to the action. As a player, you can follow every movement of the ball after the live dealer spins the wheel. Surprisingly, all of this is captured in HD video at 200 frames per second with an option of slow motion and winning number color replay after the ball comes to rest. Immersive Roulette received the 2014 EGR Game of the Year award from the operators.

Speed ​​Roulette

With just 25 seconds from spin to spin, Speed Roulette is a lightning-fast version of live dealer roulette. It is specially designed for those who prefer to play in fast mode. In comparison, the game runs about 50% faster than the length of standard live and immersive roulette games.

In Speed ​​Roulette, bets only take place during the round, so there is no downtime or wasted time when progressing to the next round. This is made possible by a fast video system which quickly recognizes the winning number. The game also has its own custom designed wheel, fast lane, and experienced live dealers.


Lightning Roulette thrives on its visually appealing design that makes gamers truly addicted. On the other hand, the huge potential payouts that come with direct bets add a 50x to 500x multiplied winning option that players would surely flock to. Double Ball Roulette sells on pure profit potential, offering more frequent betting opportunities and payouts of up to 1,300 to 1.

Immersive roulette, on the other hand, is designed so that the experience draws players into the action. Its HD video camera at 200 frames per second proves it and allows players to access a replay in slow motion. Speed Roulette exists for those on the fast lane who enjoy playing fast live roulette games.