Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games played all over the world, and by far it has one of the biggest player bases. The number of variants has increased drastically in recent years, which has doubled the game’s popularity still further. Live blackjack is among the most played categories of blackjack and it comes in different variations. This piece will outline five variants from Evolution Gaming you should try. Read on.

top live blackjack variants evolution

Free Bet Blackjack

Free Bet Blackjack is designed for the player who wants to add a little risk for potentially big rewards. It is one of the most exciting innovations yet. It features the excitement of free bets, including free Double Downs and free Splits, to make your gaming experience more exciting and rewarding. The game includes all the features that we’ve come to associate with standard Blackjack, including Six Card Charlie and up to four optional side bets.

It’s your conventional Blackjack game with one significant difference, Free Bets. It’s the combination of these Free Bets with the game’s other exciting features that set this product apart from anything you’ve seen before. You’ll get to experience Free Double Down and free Split bets on selected hands. Plus, there are four side bets (Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3, and Bust it)—but thankfully you don’t have to make them manually.

Blackjack Party

This is Blackjack on a whole new level—imagine being able to sit at the table as if you are in Vegas and play just like in real life. Every seat has a lively dealer and hostess that is ready to greet you! With Blackjack Party Live, enjoy the fun of a top live casino, without the need to travel or get dressed up.

Blackjack party is a progressive game, where the stakes rise faster than in live play; complete with Bet Behind for all players to add fun to the game. With music and bubbly chat from a TV-trained dealer-presenter duo and no upper limits on bets placed by seated players, you’ll be taken from your first hand to the biggest win in a party atmosphere.

Power Blackjack

The game is played with eight decks, where the nine and ten cards have been removed from each deck; however, picture cards remain in the deck. Combined with unlimited re-splitting on a first two-card hand, this makes for an attractive proposition for those looking to win big or big spenders looking for the thrill of gambling in a controlled environment. Open to all players, this table offers the perfect opportunity to increase your skill level at winning on blackjack.

With power blackjack, players will have the opportunity to continue doubling their bets up to four times, making it a great game for high rollers. The nine and ten cards have been extracted from the deck, meaning that there are 64 fewer cards in each deck. This means that fewer of the powerful cards remain in play, which should lead to better odds for players, who can also try new strategies with this simplified game.

Lightning Blackjack

Lightning Blackjack is a classic game enhanced with an exciting new Lightning Card technology. Simply play the game, and you’ll see the lightning strikes randomly lighting up your screen. You’ll be required to pay a lightning fee for this type of blackjack. However, the more lightning bolts you see, the bigger your wins. You’ll have a 2x—25x multiplier on a winning hand. Blackjack’s basic strategy still applies, but now to win big you need to think as fast as lightning!

Infinite Blackjack

This game’s structure is focused on simplicity, with players having only one decision to make; Hit or Stand. If a player does not like his first two cards, he may stand, and collect what would have been a push under hard-hitting rules. You can play a limitless number of rounds while wagering on one, two, or even three hands at a time. Stay with your hand or split/double down. With four optional side bets to choose from, including Any Pair and 21+3, there is plenty of opportunity for big payouts.


There are several live blackjacks by Evolution Gaming you would truly enjoy playing. The Free Bet Blackjack has free splits, bets, and other rewards. Blackjack Party will take you to Vegas with its bubbly, fun interface. You can double your bets up to four times with the Power Blackjack game, or enjoy bigger wins with the Lightning blackjack. The infinite blackjack is also there to allow you to play limitless rounds. Whatever game you decide, you’re sure to have a unique, fun experience.